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Posted by , August 23, 2013 in Interview


Meet Jeff, the CEO and Founder of Vapor Town USA. Jeff recently left his career in advertising to launch his online store selling Vaporizers.

Tell us a little about yourself and Vapor Town USA
I am 32 years old and have spent the better part of the last 10 years building a career in the advertising business. The problem was I just didn’t feel right in that business and I knew I needed to make a change. About 2 years ago the itch to start my own business was overwhelming and at the same time my wife and I had out first child. That experience provided me with the perspective and the added dose of confidence to quit my job and launch

What made you choose Vaporizers?
I’ve always been a regular cannabis user and had purchased a Volcano Vaporizer after using one at a friends house. Almost immediately I began to feel healthier using the vaporizer. I’m also a bit of a gadget guy so I enjoyed the tactile nature of using a vaporizer. But, what impressed me most was the money I was saving on my cannabis. In fact, the money I saved on my herbs offset the cost of the Volcano and essentially paid for itself within 15 months. For me, it was a more enjoyable and relaxing way to consume cannabis and I was converted.

As I did more research on perspective niche’s to start my business Vaporizers just kept checking all the right boxes. Vaporizers, specifically Portable Vaporizers and Vape Pens have taken off in the past 36 months as highly advanced units hit the market and gain pop culture acceptance. There’s a large demographic of 18-34 years old’s that love the convenience of vaporizers and are looking to invest in products that enhance their lives from a health perspective. Further, a huge number of baby boomers are incorporating medical marijuana as an alternative medicine to ease their health issues and pain. These large subsets of consumers are discovering vaporizers and creating explosive growth for the industry.

We set out to create a compendium of reliable Vaporizer related information with special emphasis on the highest quality units at each price point. We developed a site with simple navigation and tried to focus on appealing to a sophisticated consumer (just like the Successful Stoners site!). One of the first pieces of content I wanted to create when we launched was an infographic outlining the monetary advantages to investing in a vaporizer – we call it the vaporizer savings chart – I hope you enjoy!

What is your definition of a Successful Stoner?
That’s a good question – for me, the fact that I enjoy cannabis has no correlation to pursuing my passions in life, be they family, personal or business related. I guess that’s why we chose to design our site in such a way that there is no reference to stereotypical “stoner” culture like pot leaves and graffiti. I have no problems with any of those icons but for me the culture has progressed and broadened to encompass so much more.

We would like to thank Jeff for sending us his story. Our goal here at is to share more inspiring stories like his. Are you a creative and passionate entrepreneur offering products & services to the Marijuana industry? Share your story with us!