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The PIPEMUG is the only way to sip it and rip it!


Alex Schoenfeld has been working with clay and ceramic design for nearly his entire life! He perfected his craft at the University of Oregon and Northern Arizona University. He has since moved to the “Land of Enchantment” in Taos, New Mexico, which is the birthplace of the PIPEMUG! Alex now operates his own art studio “Future Town Gallery,” and this is where he currently creates his masterpieces. He’s also since been featured in dozens of exhibitions and other galleries, so keep an eye out; Alex and his work may be coming to an art exhibition near you soon!


I am interested in making interesting art. I seek to express my own excitement and enthusiasm, to question purpose and motivation, and to inspire thought and creative freedom. I enjoy the therapeutic qualities of wheel-thrown ceramics, and the challenge of approaching my work in a different way each time I create something. My culture, my upbringing, my global travels, and the people with whom I surround myself have all played significant roles in growing my appreciation for improvised reality. That philosophy has contributed much to my fascination in atmospheric firings and the wonder and excitement of not knowing what the outcome will be.


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