Meet Dr. Cannabinergy

Posted by , January 26, 2014 in Medical, Story

Academic and cannabis activist, Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal (M.D. 2010, Ph D., Medical Geography, 2008) is one of the brightest voices on the scene today. Between the hustle of winding down his residency at the NYU Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and preparing for an upcoming fellowship at the National Institute of Health (not to mention the birth of his new baby boy) Sunil still finds time to pump up rally crowds with stirring speeches on the urgency of legal reform.

“The number of medicinal benefits on the horizon for cannabis is mind boggling! We’ve got to let doctor’s pursue this research. It really matters for our health as a people!”

And Dr. Aggarwal backs up his words with real accomplishment. He’s published several scholarly articles on medical cannabis, most notably, a groundbreaking, and long overdue study on the utility of cannabis as a comparatively superior palliative treatment option.

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