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Tell us a little about yourself and how BurnBox started?
My co-founder TJ and I are both twenty-something Georgia natives, born and raised, who moved to Atlanta to go to college. We worked together previously on an online startup platform focused on partnering local businesses with community nonprofits so it was an easy decision to seek out TJ as a partner when I had the idea. It came about while daydreaming at work and after I spent a couple days doing research I came to the firm belief that we could make this work as a bootstrapped startup given our experience so far. Our previous venture hadn’t brought us success but it had taught us a great deal. The two of us being recent graduates without a large source of income or savings, we have to make things work with what we have. So over the next few days we developed ideas for the company’s name, logo and brand, put together a basic website using Weebly.com (we now use WordPress.com), took the necessary legal steps (most of which can be done online) and within a week we had silently launched BurnBox.co out of our apartments using only our laptops and the ‘r/trees’ subreddit. 

Where did you go to school?
I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta where I double majored in humanities and studied three languages and TJ attended the Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in computer science. burnboxstuff

What are your thoughts on Marijuana in general? I’m actually a big advocate for using the more formal, medical term “cannabis” over “marijuana” because of the history of racial discrimination and stigmatization attached to the word “marijuana” and the irrationalities that the unaware have been misled to imagine when they hear words like ‘marijuana’, ‘pot’ or ‘reefer’ – the most nefariously demonized one of the bunch. That may not have been the point of your question, however. I believe cannabis has a very normal and healthy place in millions of people’s lives and I believe anyone of an appropriate age should be allowed to use it responsibly for both medicinal and recreational purposes free from fear of harassment or legal retribution. Its classification as a Schedule I drug not only defies the medical research on the positive and medicinal effects of cannabis published in the Harvard Journal of Medicine but ignores all evidence indicating cannabis as a relatively non-addictive and non-harmful substance. Additionally, it represents an affront to human rights and equality in the United States, first, because of the way in which the drug laws in American communities disproportionately affect low-income minority populations over wealthier caucasian populations despite equal levels of cannabis use and secondly, because of how drug laws, the “War on Drugs,” and an increasingly privatized prison system are fueling the militarization of local police and the rise of a law enforcement system that incentivizes incarceration over rehabilitation.

What does Successful Stoner mean to you?
Being a Successful Stoner means ensuring your cannabis use enhances your life and does not inhibit your growth or success as a person, and by that I mean pursuing whatever is important to you and helps you give back to the world. It so happens that some of my current work has to do with cannabis but I consider the doctors, teachers, lawyers, CEOs, judges, mothers and fathers that use cannabis and also do their jobs and make a difference every day to be the exemplary Successful Stoners that need to be known in order to break the foolish stigmas about responsible cannabis use. When we recognize that we have to use “successful” as a modifier to seemingly distinguish from the rest of the “stoners” who are somehow predisposed to be unsuccessful we can begin to identify the major disconnect between society’s collective understanding and depiction of what a “stoner” is and the reality of thousands of responsible adult cannabis users who are valuable members of society.


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