Quantum 9: Marijuana Dispensary Software

Posted by , October 16, 2014 in Cannabis, Medical, Products, Technology

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Software: Quantum 9 is the total Medical Cannabis solution for MMCs, OPCs and MIPs.

What does Quantum 9 do?
The application helps you run your entire medical marijuana business. Quantum 9 is a Point of Sale, Supply Chain Management, Customer Management System, Inventory Tracking and a Cultivation Guideline Aid. Nothing on the market even comes close to what Quantum 9 does.

Why would people buy Quantum 9?
There is no other application on the market that will allow users to track the amount of data Quantum 9 can. The application tracks all plant consumption while also tracking all of the equipment within your facility that was used to aid in cultivation per plant which means you can quickly dial in the best cultivation schedule and method to be repeated over and over again. Our system will make your plants happy in an environment that is tailored to their wants and needs; every strain has its own unique needs. Give your plants the optimal feeding schedule and watch as their roots become pearl white. Pearl white roots means very healthy plants. Very healthy plants equate to very high yields, higher TCH, CBN, and CBD content and most of all maximized profits.

What makes Q9 different than other products in the market?
The applications that are on the market today do not make transporting and tracking inventory as easy as Quantum 9; don’t lose your license to operate due to the mismanagement of state manifests. Our user interface makes every part of the process easy and simple to manage and track, meaning that you can spend more time doing the things that will grow your business.

For more info please visit http://quantum9.net