Is Medical Marijuana for Pets Effective?

Posted by , April 22, 2016 in Cannabis, Education, Medical


Special guest post by RedEyesOnline

Research into medical marijuana is at an all-time high this year, as more states are legalizing this drug and discovering new potential health benefits. While scientists are still focused on how marijuana can treat a number of conditions from cancer, to seizures, many have raised the question about medical marijuana for pets being effective. Pets suffer many of the same painful illnesses as humans, from arthritis to back pain, and although studies reveal marijuana does have medicinal properties, can it work on pets too?

The Power of Cannabidiol
The cannabidiol, or CBD, has been found to protect the brain from a number of illnesses without having to expose it to the psychoactive effects from smoking the marijuana. In some studies that were conducted, the CBD has been shown that it has the ability to halt the spread of cancer. That being said, many believe that if we are just now discovering the positive impact on human diseases that healing pets is not too far off. Each year a number of new states are relaxing their marijuana laws, and this can open the door to even more research into the push for medical marijuana for pets.

Helping to Deal With Stress
As more research is conducted into the positive medicinal properties of marijuana, those who suffer from anxiety and pain are already familiar with how smoking this plant can help. The tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, has been prescribed to hundreds of thousands of people who are dealing with different degrees of pain and anxiety in their life. Pets not only deal with painful diseases, they have different degrees of separation anxiety when they are not with their owners. In a historic proposal, lawmakers in the state of Nevada have put together a bill that would allow pet owners in the state to legally obtain medical marijuana for ailing pets.

Taking Things Slowly
Each year more research is conducted and more facts surface to the benefits of medical marijuana for humans. Although we are still in the early stages of much of this research, it is too dangerous to simply assume that because it heals certain ailments in people that it will have the same impact on pets. Pets can not communicate if their pain is subsiding, and we simply do not know what dosage would or could be effective without crossing the line to making things worse. A veterinarian in Los Angeles, Dr. Jeff Werber, notes that although marijuana is a hallucinogen and euphoric agent, the THC does have positive healing benefits for pets like having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and anti-pain effects.

The doctor went on to say that in his personal experience, he has seen many colleagues who have prescribed medical marijuana for pets and has seen positive results. In one case in particular, Werber noted that a colleague proscribed the drug to help a pet suffering with tumors, and the cannabidiol was key in causing the tumor regression. The doctor hopes that as more time passes and more states lighten their restrictions, researchers will be able to finally discover how beneficial marijuana can be for healing ailing pets.

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