4 Mistakes New Marijuana Users Should Avoid

Posted by , August 9, 2016 in Cannabis, Education


Guest post by RedEyesOnline.net

Now that medical marijuana has changed the way many states view cannabis, it has opened the doors for many new users to experience getting high for the first time. When it comes to smoking marijuana however, there is no user guide or instruction manual to help those newbies get off on the right foot. This list of 4 mistakes new marijuana users should avoid will help to get a newbie on the right path early so they can get the most of this incredible smoking opportunity.

Mistake #1 – Using the Wrong Device

The new marijuana smoker is going to be inundated with a huge amount of smoking choices once they purchase their weed. Today in addition to joints, bowls, and bongs, you have vaporizers, rigs, oil pens, and wax pens. Putting the wrong cannabis into the wrong device not only can damage the device, your weed literally goes up in smoke. Putting oil in a wax pen will destroy it, they are meant for wax, just like putting wax in an oil pen will do the same damage. Double-check that the device you intend to use for smoking your weed is compatible with your stash.

Mistake #2 – Not Knowing Your Weed

Today, not all that cannabis you see for sale at dispensaries is created equal. Some strains are ideal for helping alleviate pain, while others give you a boost of energy. If you do not know what that strain will do to your body, simply ask! It doesn’t make sense to buy weed in the hopes of making your relax when it boosts your energy like a few cups of powerful coffee. Take note if the strain is indica, hybrid, or sativa, and find out what the strain is effective at treating first. Never grab any weed and smoke it without knowing what effect it will have on your body.

Mistake #3 – Not Grinding Your Weed

Whether you plan of vaporizing or smoking your weed in a blunt or joint, you have to take the steps to grinding it first. Today you can find grinders of every size, shape, color, and style, and some are so inconspicuous that no one will even recognize what it is used for but you. When you are just smoking the entire bud without grinding, you simply waste more of your stash and wind up purchasing more and smoking less. Purchase an inexpensive grinder and you will make back that money in no time. Or even try to grind it without one.

Mistake #4 – Smoking Weed Out in Public

With all the attention on medical marijuana stores and smoke shops, the newbie marijuana smoker may get this false sense of security that it is accepted to smoke while out in public. Having a medical marijuana card is not a license to smoke in public, states are very strict about who and where you can legally smoke. If you try smoking your weed while in public, even your medical marijuana card will not help keep you out of jail.

Just remember this very important final note, everyone was a weed smoking newbie at one point. Don’t be afraid to ask a veteran weed smoker for help in these early days, they will gladly share their experiences with a beginner. At the very least, try to avoid this list of 4 mistakes new marijuana users should avoid.