Make Kentucky Great Again!

Posted by , December 19, 2016 in Hemp, Inspiration, Story, Technology, Video

Growing the Future: The University of Kentucky’s Hemp Research

Let’s face it… Coal is dead. It’s also been killing miners for years, research Black Lung if you don’t believe us.

There was a time in history where Hemp was grown on most of the farms in Kentucky and they were considered one of the largest hemp producers in the world.

There’s no reason that Kentucky should only have to rely on coal and tobacco in order to have a thriving economy, especially after two years from The Agricultural Act of 2014 which allows them and several other states to farm hemp again after a ban of almost 60 years.

Republican Senator, Rand Paul has been advocating this for years. Here’s a video of him testifying for Hemp farming in Kentucky and showing off his Hemp shirt a few years ago…

You may hate Trump, but if you should love our country. And there’s no better time than now to make Kentucky Great Again!

God Bless America!

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