Golden Health Tips For Cannabis Consumers

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Guest Post By Zack M.

Did you know that using cannabis could help improve your health? Marijuana contains two main chemicals called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoids (CBD) that have medicinal properties. These features assist in treating various diseases related to chronic pain, nausea, lack of appetite and anxiety. Marijuana is legal in more than 22 states and is undergoing in-depth research to evaluate its full capabilities. The legalization of marijuana in these states has enabled the confident use of marijuana. Consumers can thus use cannabis to boost their health status and turn out to be much healthier. The ways in which consumers may use marijuana include;

Juicing raw marijuana as a dietary supplement

Try blending a mixture of some organic marijuana leaves, cucumbers, carrots, ginger, and apples. You will be amazed by how the mix could make an excellent combination to start your day. You may, of course, add other raw fruits and vegetables of your choice. The organic cannabis leaves will not make you high. Natural marijuana does not contain the THC properties responsible for the great feeling. However, the raw cannabis will provide you with chlorophyll and powerful antioxidants. The terpenes in the plant also have some therapeutic benefits.
Using weed for weight loss

Can cannabis help me reduce weight?

Yes, it can. It may seem impossible considering that cannabis is responsible for the munchies people get. Yes, THC binds to the CB1 receptors in the brain and infuses an increase in appetite. However, the CBD component deactivates these CB1 receptors. For this reason, marijuana is used to regulate the body’s metabolism hence a reduced weight. Marijuana also controls the insulin level in the body of a user making them less likely to have diabetes type II.

Using cannabis to eat healthy foods

Since consuming marijuana makes you have munchies, you could set your mind to eat healthy foods during this period. While having munchies, even the not so yummy steamed French beans become the sweetest delicacy that you ever had. You, therefore, end up with a perfect body free from cholesterol and ugly hanging fat. After all, you ate healthy greens.

Substitute smoking with vaporizing

While smoking marijuana has never been in association with lung cancer, other breathing difficulties like coughing, throat irritation, and bronchitis occur. Therefore you may substitute smoking a blunt with vaporizing marijuana. Vaporizing provides a much healthier option as it enables you to inhale the cannabis vapor only. In the vaporizer, cannabis is slowly heated to release the necessary components with medicinal properties without having to combust it. So, you inhale the cannabis vapor without the other harmful byproducts.

Exercising after consuming marijuana

After consuming marijuana, indulging in a working out could be the perfect way to pass your time. You can easily exercise after consuming marijuana since the workouts become more occupying and are not boring. You hardly realize the time elapsed while you are busy building your muscles. The good thing is, you’ll, in turn, be higher for longer. While exercising, your brain produces some endocannabinoids to cope with the stress you are exerting on your body. Therefore, your weed makes your workout session exciting and working out makes your pot feel better.

Using marijuana to soothe sore muscles

Marijuana topical such as creams and oils may be applied to the skin to soothe sore muscles. You don’t have to worry about the muscle pain during your exercise session or during the hike you take. THC and CBD in the topicals are absorbed through the skin into the body. This process may not make you high. However, it will ease the pain of your muscles and are quite useful.

Substitute alcohol for cannabis

A study has shown that marijuana can regulate of alcohol addiction. A majority of alcohol users tend to be violent and unsteady after consuming alcohol. They become vulnerable to both road accidents as well as homicides. Using marijuana, on the other hand, makes the consumer calm, in a good mood plus it generates creative ideas. It is, therefore, advisable if an alcoholic user substitutes it for marijuana. Marijuana may also come in handy when in need to stop other addictions such as alcohol, cocaine and even heroin.

Cannabis consumers deem themselves lucky due to the discovery of marijuana.

Marijuana brings about many good things to its users with most of it being health associated. Who could have thought that cancer suffering patients could use marijuana, an old age drug? Or that it could be an option in treating various chronic pain related diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis?
Further research on marijuana is under study. The study mainly aims at analyzing the long term effects marijuana has on the human brain. However, before this evaluation, marijuana users continue to enjoy the health benefits that come with consuming the drug.

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