Make Kentucky Great Again!

December 19, 2016

Growing the Future: The University of Kentucky’s Hemp Research Let’s face it… Coal is dead. It’s also been killing miners for years, research Black Lung if you don’t believe us. There was a time in history where Hemp was grown on most of the farms in Kentucky and they were considered one of the largest […]

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Hemp History Week: Breaking Ground with Alex White Plume

December 12, 2016

The 8th annual Hemp History Week campaign video “Breaking Ground” shares the story of Alex White Plume, Oglala Lakota hemp farmer and activist, whose hemp crop was unlawfully raided and destroyed by the DEA in 2000. Since then, he has been fighting for the right to grow hemp on tribal lands, which have been left […]

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Veterans Use Marijuana For PTSD

December 5, 2016

Veterans, first-responders, and civilians with PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder also known as OSI (operational stress injury) leads to suicide, depression, anxiety, drug abuse and anti-social behavior. There is growing evidence that the pharmacological therapies are not working and contribute to worsening of symptoms for veterans with PTSD. A group of veterans in Canada […]

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Who’s Making Money Off The War On Drugs?

August 31, 2016

Since the disappearance of 43 students from #Ayotzinapa school in Guerrero, Mexico, people around the world have taken to the streets to demand an end to drug-related crime and the close ties between drug cartels, police and political institutions. So if everybody’s losing, who’s winning? via AJ+

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Scopolamine : World’s Scariest Drug

August 26, 2016

VICE documentary from 2012 that we finally watched and want to share. VICE’s Ryan Duffy went to Colombia to check out a strange and powerful drug called Scopolamine, also known as “The Devil’s Breath.” It’s a substance so intense that it renders a person incapable of exercising free will. The first few days in the […]

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Seth from Oregon

August 22, 2016

“About a year and a half ago I was 360 pounds and depressed and close to killing my self. I tried to work out before but I have back problems from playing football in my younger days so it was hard for me to work out. i got my medical card and it changed my […]

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I am not a Criminal

April 13, 2015

The Pot Scientist Reports from CannaQuality. #ImNotaCriminal

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Coming Out Green

April 11, 2015

I’m sure we can all relate to this in one way or another. Coming Out Green is a campaign to end the social stigma of cannabis forever. If you liked this video, please share it with your friends and follow us on social media for more great content. Also visit the website to download your […]

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The Future of Marijuana Legalization

March 31, 2015

“By changing the context, by changing the culture in which people partake in this visionary herb, you’re changing the very nature of the medicine’s effects.” – Jason Silva via Shots of Awe

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Strawberry Cough: Biography of an Award-Winning Cannabis Strain

October 21, 2014

Now that the end of marijuana prohibition is on the horizon, artisans who have spent their careers in a gray market are finally emerging from the shadows. This is a story about the Strawberry Cough cannabis strain and a few of the entrepreneurs who are trying to build a successful small business selling it. Strawberry […]

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The Culture High – A documentary film by Brett Harvey

October 10, 2014

OPENING DAY IN LA TODAY! Laemmle Royal Theater 11523 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025 Synopsis Journeying across the North American landscape, “The Culture High” is a riveting story that tears into the very fiber of modern day marijuana prohibition to reveal the truth behind the arguments and motives governing both those who support […]

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A Gourmet Weed Dinner At Hunter S. Thompson’s House

August 1, 2014

We just got the munchies. Happy Friday! To celebrate marijuana legalization in Colorado, Munchies columnist David Bienenstock recently traveled to Aspen, to attend a legal seminar hosted by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws—America’s oldest and largest group dedicated to legalizing cannabis. And since the late Hunter S. Thompson was one of […]

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Kaneh Bosm: The Hidden Story of Cannabis in the Old Testament

May 29, 2014

Chris Bennett takes a look at the fascinating references to cannabis in the Old Testament text that have been suggested by anthropologist Sula Benet and other researchers, with interviews from Prof Carl Ruck, Dr. Ethan Russo, David Hillman PhD., as well as drug historians and authors Chris Conrad, Michael Horowitz, Martin Lee, and Michael Aldrich. […]

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May 23, 2014

Vashon Island in Washington State is one of the largest islands in the Puget Sound with a population of nearly eleven thousand. Known for its small farms and strawberry farms, Vashon Island is now developing its own unique cannabis cottage industry with the help of VIMEA, the Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance. VIMEA was established […]

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Meet Dr. Cannabinergy

January 26, 2014

Academic and cannabis activist, Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal (M.D. 2010, Ph D., Medical Geography, 2008) is one of the brightest voices on the scene today. Between the hustle of winding down his residency at the NYU Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and preparing for an upcoming fellowship at the National Institute of Health (not to […]

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Commercials for Weed During Superbowl?

January 25, 2014

This is Marijuana Paranoia Video Diary #46 For more info, visit

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January 20, 2014

Speaking of hybrids, what do you get when you cross Marc Emery with Johnny Appleseed and Willy Wonka? Answer— a giant among cannabis entrepreneurs. Long before he founded the Sensi Seeds company, Ben Dronkers was in the textiles trade, designing and producing garments for his own shop, Ben’s Fashion. It was during the course of […]


MPMC : Marijuana Paranoia Video Diary #45

January 17, 2014

What Bryan Basamanowicz of MPMC (Marijuana Paranoia Management & Coaching) is doing for our community is amazing. Not only is he a super-smart and witty guy, but he’s also full of heart and is genuinely compassionate for those who actually do suffer from this Marijuana Paranoiac phenomena all over the world. So we’ve decided to […]

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Mormon Moms Fight For Legal Cannabis

October 28, 2013

“A conservative Republican Utah state lawmaker is backing an unexpected group of advocates: Mormon moms fighting for medical cannabis for their children.” Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks discuss the story. Talking head jokes aside, The Young Turks bring up some valid points toward the end and I’m glad a story like […]

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Sativa Magazine

September 23, 2013

Cannabis : The Drug Against War (#8 September Issue) Sativa Magazine is for the “Educated Ganjapreneur” the acclaimed best Cannabis Business Magazine on the internet! Check out more issues at

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Cannabis Patents

August 10, 2013

In case you were wondering, the US Government does in fact hold the patent for Medical Marijuana. The U.S. Patent Office issued patent #6630507 to the U.S.Health and Human Services filed on 2/2/2001. The patent lists the use of certain cannabinoids found within the cannabis sativa plant as useful in certain neurodegenerative diseases such as […]